Use of the Chapter's membership list for any purpose other than modeling related networking is prohibited.  Any use of membership lists for non-Chapter related or commercial use (i.e. Amway) will result in revocation of that person's membership (membership fees are non-refundable), loss of all of that person's Chapter rights and privileges and exclusion from any and all Chapter meetings, activities or functions for a duration to be determined by the general membership at a regular or special meeting.

The Chapter is organized and run by volunteer model builders for model builders.  Anything that you can do as a member to improve meetings or affect the Society in a positive way is to your benefit also.  Be curious, supportive and kind and you will enjoy your time with a great group of model enthusiasts.

When participating in Chapter functions (i.e. general meetings, Chapter displays, Chapter contests, photo shoots, etc.) keep in mind that you are a representative of the Chapter to the general public. Be polite, courteous and friendly and treat everyone as if they were members of the Society. Leave a positive impression.

4)  Chapter & Society Image

​Negativity towards others building styles, skills or choice of subject is unacceptable. One goal of the Chapter is the enhancement of members' model building skills.  Before you comment keep in mind that we all build for fun and we all have different talents and interests.  Being negative about a person or their work is unproductive and not consistent with the hobby the Chapter or the Society.  You are entitled to you opinions however it is important that you respect those of others. 

Location  -  12525 - 116 Avenue nw

As in most organizations, there are some rules.  Mostly these are to facilitate efficient use of peoples' time.  Ours are few and pretty simple.  They are intended to keep the meetings fun, the business portion quick and to ensure respect of all model builders regardless of their age, sex or model building experience.

1)  Business Meeting deportment
3)  Use of Chapter Lists 

   Balance of the yearMeetings are Cancelled   again, due to Covid-19 restrictions

Additionally, the Alberta Open Model Contest and Show has also been cancelled.  

Edmonton Chapter

chapter meeting rules

The Edmonton Chapter is also run by volunteer modelers.  We hold monthly meetings at 7 PM on the second THURSDAY of every month from September to June in the Inglewood Community Centre 12525 - 116 Avenue NW, Edmonton.  Visitors and guests are always welcome.  There is no charge for visitors attending their  first three general meetings.  Thereafter it is expected that you will join the club and become a paid-up member. (see below for membership details).  All interested in the hobby including kids are welcome.  In fact, visitors as well as members are encouraged to bring models for display.  

Currently we have over 80 paid-up members making us one of the larger Chapters in Canada.   Our meetings are very casual and include a short business session along with prize draws and "show and tell" time that will give you the opportunity to investigate how others approach our hobby.  There is generally a raffle open to all attendees along with a "Pop and Donut " table.  From time to time there are demonstrations and workshops on a wide variety of products and processes.  Of course there are always new things to see and interesting discussions to join.​

​​​​The International Plastic Modellers Society is a unique, world-wide organization of hobbyists who enjoy building plastic models.   

The society originated in 1963 when a small group of enthusiasts in England met to discuss the hobby and to exchange ideas, news and views.  They called their organization the British Plastic Modelling Society.  It wasn't very long before word of the Society got out and made its way to virtually all the corners of the world.  As membership grew, the founding fathers changed 

2)  Respect & support

​​​Memembership details & Benifits

What is ipms?



IPMS   Edmonton 

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​​Our Team

PLEASE, no talking during the business portion of the meeting or demo's. If you have questions, insights, thoughts that are germane to the business or demo, speak to the presenter directly. 

In other words; Stand UP to be seen.  Speak UP to be heard and Shut UP to be appreciated. 

Off subject discussions or private conversations are very distracting to both the speaker and the listener.

the organization name to the International Plastic Modellers Society or IPMS.  The name change was to acknowledge the world-wide aspect of the membership.  


The Canadian branch of the Society was founded in 1964.  Today IPMS Canada is one of the larger branches with Chapters right across the country.  Like all IPMS branches, IPMS Canada is operated and maintained by volunteer members as are all of the Canadian Chapters.​

The IPMS Edmonton Chapter is run and coordinated by a group of dedicated volunteers.  These members volunteer their time and energy:

Board of Directors:

  • ​President  -   Roy Marko

  • Treasurer  - TBA

  • Administrator & Scribe -  TBA

  • Bulletin Editor  - Open    - interested parties to contact Roy Marko

  • Webmaster - Clyde Rigsby

  • Facebook Page Admin -  Jared Vanderwall - www/ /

​​​​Your non-refundable annual membership fee of $20 - due each September - comes with an IPMS membership card and an annual electronic subscription to the Chapter news letter, The Bulletin.  Other benefits include:

  • workshops and demonstrations
  • opportunity to run for the Chapter Executive
  • access to all Chapter member only contests
  • qualification for the monthly model door prize draw
  • discount on model kits from local retailers
  • voting rights on all issues brought to meetings 


​Members and guests are encouraged to bring models, kits and model materials to the meetings for display and sale.  This can be a great way to reduce your inventory and make a little cash.


Members are encouraged to submit projects for inclusion in the Bulletin and / or for the web site.  It need not be a completed project or even an in-depth one.  A "how to" or work in process article is quite acceptable.  A kit preview or a evaluation is also most welcome.  Articles from other publications are generally not acceptable due to copyright issues.   

When submitting, remember, a picture really is worth a thousand words and the readers are more likely to consider the entire article if there are lots of pictures included.