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Tips & Tricks

Lost the lenses for the brake lights in a model?  

No problem, just plug up the mounting holes in the back of the lens space (if there are any) and fill the opening with transparent red paint.  It may take several coats but the result is pretty nice and sure beats cutting small pieces of red house rap tape.

1. Alberta Open Model Contest -   June 9, 2018  - Open at 9 am --  Judging at 12 noon  --  Awards at 4 pm

​             Central Lions Seniors Recreation Centre  

              11113 - 113 Street NW  ---  North End Gymnasium
​       Show Admission:  Adults $2   -  Children (12 & under) Free


​2. Capital City Amps - AFV Model Contest

Looking for a cheap filler for small cracks and chips?  

Dissolve cut up sprue or wast styrene in the last of the gungy liquid glue - we all have these tail end bottles kicking around - and you have the prefect thing.  

I know is as Spru-Goo and use it quite a bit.  By choosing one colour of stryrene you can have any multiple colours to match the base colour of any model.  

I have only done this with stryrene so cannot say if it works with other plastic materials.


4.  Fred Bramhoff our long term President, has indicated that this will be his last year as Prez.  He noted at the September meeting that the job is open to any paid up member and the work is made easy by the various board members and stand up volunteers.  

If you are curious about the job, contact Fred or the webmaster of the site and you will receive a response in due course.

5.  Model Show & Sale

Military Collectors Club of Canada

​Show and Sale

August 18, 2018   

Edmonton Inn & Conference Centre   11834 Kingsway

Everyone Welcome

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3.  The "Bulletin" will not be published until a new editor is found.  If you are interested please contact Fred the Prez Bramhoff and let him know of your interest.

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